Thursday, April 19, 2018

Butch Miles

A couple of short lessons today from the legendary Butch Miles: a cool brush pattern and some tips on how to play the hi-hat:

Monday, April 16, 2018

JoJo Mayer: Practice Wisdom

Thanks to Nick Ruffini from the Drummer's Resource Podcast Instagram page (check out his webpage here: here is JoJo Mayer's philosophy for a more effective practice routine:

"JoJo Mayer's Practice Rules"

Rule #1 - Practice what you CAN'T do.

Rule #2 - Be aware of WHAT you're practicing for. Be aware of WHY you believe you need to accomplish that. Start with the end in mind.

Rule #3 - Don't practice for hours...practice for RESULTS. Practice as short as necessary, not as long as possible.

Rule #4 - Observe yourself carefully. Practice with the same attitude you'd like to see yourself perform.

Rule #5 - If you get stuck too long with one thing...leave it, relax...try a different viewpoint.

Rule #6 - Practice is like raising children or growing plants: you can't force it to grow...all you do is CARE. Challenge yourself but be patient, have trust and have fun.

Rule #7 - Practicing is not a means to an end. If you're not sure why you're practicing, it's sometimes better to stop and do something else. Perhaps stop practicing for a while, and then pick it up again once you are certain WHY you want or need to.

Rule #8 - Don't focus on practicing the drums...focus on playing music!


And furthermore, here is a fascinating Tedx Talk given by JoJo Mayer himself to check out:

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Han Bennink: The Havana Dance Band

Thanks to Ireland's Noel Martin Jr. who posted a great clip of Han Bennink over on FB the other day that eventually led me to this gem, "The Havana Dance Band", recorded in 1983 as part of an art gallery installation.

As per usual, this is some exceptional playing from Bennink that demonstrates how many sounds and how much interest can be sustained with just a minimal drum set-up at one's disposal. We can all take a lesson from this!

And just in case you're not convinced and dismiss Han Bennink as some kind of a nut (you should get your head checked on that point alone!) then check out this footage of him playing with Wes Montgomery (I think he sounds like Kenny Clarke!):

Monday, April 9, 2018

Jabali Billy Hart: "Still Out of Control"

I was inspired by this brief faculty profile of Master drummer Jabali Billy Hart via the Oberlin Conservatory (check out his last comment Lol...and I'm also inclined to transcribe that cool paradiddle/cross-over pattern that he plays at 1:28):

And from a recent week-long trio engagement at the Village Vanguard with pianist Fred Hersch, here's Hart in action on Wayne Shorter's "Black Nile" and Thelonious Monk's "Bemsha Swing" (special thanks to Tim Mah for passing these along...):

Finally, from the Pace Report, here's an interview with this Master drummer who is always eager to share his wisdom:

As per usual, when the Masters speak...we must listen.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Johnny Griffin & Art Taylor: France 1970

I've posted parts of this one before but those clips are long gone on the here's some killing footage Johnny Griffin and Art Taylor GOING FOR IT from a 1970 French TV broadcast:

Friday, March 30, 2018

Steve Lacy: Lift the Bandstand

I had the opportunity to hear Steve Lacy play and speak in Montreal back in 2004, not that long before he passed away. Since then I've been quite inspired by his writings on music/art and found them to be quite inspiring in addition to his constantly forward thinking music.

Here is the Steve Lacy documentary "Lift the Bandstand" to enjoy this Easter long weekend:

This list has been making the rounds of the internet for quite some time now, but it's worth reading again. Here is a list of "advice" and music/life lessons that Lacy compiled during his time with Thelonious Monk: